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Microscope, Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash

How good are the laboratories that examine bulk samples for asbestos? The Swiss Asbestos Forum FACH wanted to find out the truth. Last year, a set of samples was sent under a cover name to all laboratories on the FACH list. The results of the respective quality control are sobering.

Posted by: Simon Schneebeli; Saturday, 18 Apr
Asbest Rückbau mit Bagger

Last year the press reported that flossing your teeth is not really that helpful and can – if not done properly – be even counter productive. They also mentioned that brushing your teeth for more than 2 minutes doesn’t bring any additional benefit.

Is it possible that with asbestos in building materials there is also a point where additional remedial measures don’t produce any more positive effect, or even cause more harm than benefit?

Posted by: admin11; Friday, 8 Dec
Photo Proben Asbest

The price, but also the quality of an asbestos survey depends to a large extend on the number of samples taken. Various organisations have tempted to give recommendations on the number of samples to take. If we compare these figures, we realise however that these recommendations diverge considerably. It appears that the experts are far from agreeing on this point. But how can we get to a better approach?

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Posted by: Simon Schneebeli; Thursday, 16 Feb